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Welcome to Rejuveneating!

I’m Becky and I love inspiring others to live their best life possible. From what I’ve learned, making healthy food choices can be the start of life-changing transfromation. I look forward to being by your side and inspiring you to live a happy, healthy life.

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Eating Whole For The Health Of It was designed to make your life easier.

This simple guide was created to ease your frustrations with understanding what diet fads are best (hint: the answer is none!). Learn what things you should eat often, what should be avoided, shopping strategies, prep for easy eating, and so much more.

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Eating Whole For The Health Of It

Make Real, Good Food

Eat More Real, Good Food

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  • Nutrition For Workout Recovery

3 Simple Tips For Workout Recovery

Most people understand the importance of exercise and how beneficial it is for your health. What some people forget, however, […]

  • Kick Start A Slim Down -

Kick Start A Slim Down

The human body is an amazing thing. Whether you realize it or not, there are thousands of processes going on […]

  • Essential Oil Interview with Alida Wagner

Taking Control Of Your Health – Using Essential Oils

I’ve heard a lot of great things about essential oils, but hadn’t used them much until my friend and fellow […]

  • Increase Your Recovery Time By Decreasing Inflammation -

Shift Your Fat, Increase Your Recovery

Recovery speed and efficiency from a workout can be greatly impacted by the level of inflammation in the body. So, […]

  • What's In Season

What’s In Season – July

July farm market’s in Illinois are brimming with vibrantly colored, nutrient dense fruits, veggies and so much more. If you […]

  • Simple Swap Series: Soda Pop -

Simple Swap Series: Soda Pop

If your health and your life aren’t exactly as you wish they were, change is required. Basically, change can happen […]

  • Powerful Motivation

Turn Wishy-Washy Thoughts Into Powerful Motivation

Sick of falling off the diet train? Getting ready to start eating healthy… again this week? If you feel like […]

  • Fresh Produce Storage Guide

Stop Wasting Food, Start Storing Better

The other day when I was unpacking my grocery bags to put my fresh food into the fridge, I came […]

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